The Art of Truth

In the world of scents famous for miracles, Verites [ve•ri•te] wants to talk about the truth. The art of incense doesn’t come from who uses it (no matter how famous) or the glittery packaging. Verites believes that the scent belongs to you, your adventure on skin and in memory.

6 scents represents 6 stories in an endless emotional journey. Verites perfume does not turn you into a different person, but accompany you to find the best version of ‘you’ that is always inside of you. Famous scents are offered by Verites in elegant packaging with affordable price so everyone can wear luxury scent everyday.

The Signature Collection

After The Rain

Aftertaste of London rain

A classic scent like a trench coat never goes out of style. After the rain is a London garden after rain with a light scent of moist soil, flowers, leaves and clouds when the sky is clear.

Secretly Sexy

Unpredictably seductive song

The opening is intense and mysterious with the aroma of ripe berries with a bit of bitterness mixed with sweet, thorny but loving. The next notes lead the surprise consecutively: A gentle oriental floral garden invites on a woody and musky background. A song that is not only sweet but also feminine, passionate and mysterious, turning the opposite person into a curious person who is constantly attracted.


Tempting Rebellion Manifesto

As one of the most interesting scents in this collection of Verites, SIREN is a contradiction full of surprises and alluring. Opening with provocative red berries, cool pear and passionate pink pepper. Next is a pair of opposites that are incredibly attractive: Warm roses on the mysterious veil of the woody scent of vetiver. Like red stiletto heels flickering behind the split skirt, Siren walked on the road paved with the hearts of the opposite.

Joie De Vivre

Courageous and passionate Parisian quality

Instinctively romantic, passionately and spontaneously, Joie de vivre – the joy of living is the melody of a Parisian girl in love, elegant and courageous, profound and erotic. Starting from the attraction of summer fruit and citrus notes to blossoming endlessly in the middle and ending notes of musk and amber in memory even after leaving.

Shine All Night

The light under the starry sky

Like the gleam of emotion that invades space as the light of stars beaming, Shine All Night begins with the irresistible dominance of floral and toffee. Followed by the notes of floral and wood which results in pure seduction. Amber, musk, and sweets concludes it by highlighting the dark and mysterious side of the edgy, bold woman.

Prologue in Scent

HER Summer

Poem on the tip of the tongue

If early summer rain and sunset garden light could sing, it would be in the notes of HER Summer. A tender yet intriguing greeting from the ripe green pear and grape – the suave sweet harmonizes with the joyful sour of strawberry and blackcurrant, complimented by a spicy twist of pink peppercorn. After the first taste of playful juiciness, a bouquet of blooming peony, rose and honeysuckles on the veil of musky cedarwood burst in your chest, making every breath full of summer and the air full of lingering you.


Sailing among the stars

Like getting drunk on starlight and awakened by the midday sun at the same time, Starstruck is the dance of daring duality: airy and creamy, liberated and embodied. While a beaming rhyme of lychee and bergamot is still echoing, the shower of sweetly irresistible rose petal and creamy velvety magnolia leaves you in a luminous daze; before a deep dive into the warm radiance of the musky Virginia Cedar bed.

Chasing Cloud

The rain pressed between sheet

What comes and goes quicker than the last summer shower is the fleeting feeling right the moment it stops. Opening the window a few seconds late, missing a few breaths and your chest already feel the missing. For a very short spell, the world seems like it’s born this morning and you are seeing, feeling, and tasting everything for the first time. In the bottle of Chasing Cloud are freshly washed light, showered grass and the flapping of ladybug’s wings saved just for you.

De Club

A sip of shimmer

Fine-tuned to every spritz, De Club is the epitome of class without the regard for status quo, exclusive and free-spirited at the same time. The arrangement of the notes is an elegant display of craftsmanship with plenty of room for spontaneousness. The soft invasion of lavandin radiating with the earthy musk-like sweetness of clary sage exude the charm of a man who needs no introduction. In the embrace of sensual Virginia Cedarwood and mystic Vetiver, the scent is the glitter of the greatest nights in life, poured into a cup, await reliving all the glory.

Blooming Amoure

Love story in a bottle

A mesmerizing perfume that tells the tale of falling in love amidst a blooming garden. The sweet scent of raspberry and blackcurrant, spicy and invigorating aroma of fresh ginger, symbolizing the spark and excitement that ignite when love first begins to blossom. As you delve deeper into the fragrance, the rich and creamy tuberose emerges, enveloping your senses in its heady and intoxicating embrace. The ethereal and romantic jasmine blossoms further enhance the Blooming Amoure, giving soft and tender touch to the composition. When your love is welcomed, the whole universe is complete – reflected by musk and sandalwood in the base notes – a perfect closure to the whole fragrance.

Soul Signature

Perfection to a poise

At its core, Soul Signature embodies the essence of true self-discovery. The lively and uplifting bergamot unfolds like the first rays of sunlight, energizing the spirit and infusing a sense of optimism. The graceful and blossoming orange blossom, neroli, and neroli buds lends an air of elegance and sophistication to the perfume. As the fragrance settles, a warm and inviting base of amber accord, benzoin, bourbon vanilla and white musk accord emerges – creating a soft and comforting feeling. Reminding you to be kind to yourself and celebrate the authentic you, always-evolving whole: an individual that are never the same, yet always yourself. Soul Signature is an intense yet subtle and comfortable, an unexpected yet timeless scent, just for your disposition.

Zen Garden

Love story in a bottle

A captivating perfume that brings forth a truly relaxing and tranquil experience. Neroli’s citrusy and floral facets dance with the white flowers, creating a sense of joy and ease that lingers throughout the day. As you indulge in Zen Garden, it instantly transports you to a peaceful oasis, where stress and worries melt away.  Finally, a warm and comforting base of magnolia emerges, leaving a lasting and cozy trail on the skin. The indulgent facets of jasmine create a sense of comfort and contentment, pleasant embrace that wraps you in pure tranquility, erasing your live load away.

Extrait de Verites

Amalfi Coast

Summer breeze unfolding

In Amalfi Coast, languid days of summer unfold like a treasured dream. The sun casts its radiant glow upon the rugged cliffs and azure waters. Invigorating scent of salty coast, blends with refreshing lemon, muguet, and amber. Reminiscent of seaside walks in a beautiful afternoon.


Capri Escape

Entering secret garden

 Stepping into enchanting Capri, where lies a secret garden that has captivated the senses whoever chance upon it. This bergamot garden, a well-kept jewel hidden behind ancient stone walls, is a fragrant oasis where time seems to stand still. As the first rays of morning sun shine the dew-kissed leaves, a symphony of citrus aromas wafts through the air followed by sandalwood.


Caspian Ebony

Into the nostalgic woods

Walk into the heart of Caspian forest, where emerald leaves whisper secrets to the wind. With each step into the ancient woods, feel the richness of clove. Warm breeze of olibanum mixes with depth of oud wood inside. Bringing nostalgic connection with Earth


Ginz Cha

Harmony of a tea blend

Enjoying sprays of Ginz Cha in the middle of a hectic city – bring a good balance of depth, umami, and bittersweet taste of tea. The sweet earthy notes transport you to an energetic situation. Blend of orange blossom and chocolate, perfect harmony for everyday.


Santorini Sunset

Warmth of fiery sunset

As the sun dips below the horizon in Santorini, the sky blazes with fiery hues of crimson and gold. The waves, like liquid fire, lap at the shoreline, casting a mesmerizing reflection of the burning sky. Bitter mandarin taste blended with rosemary and spicy sap, drawing a breathtaking sunset.


Voeu Provence

Fields of lavender meadow

In the border of Provence, where the golden sun paints the sky, you’ll find yourself amidst a vast sea of lavender. The air is heavy with the sweet, intoxicating fragrance of the purple blossoms stretching endlessly. Blending with spicy pink pepper and powdery notes – it’s a beautiful summer morning to faire un voeu.